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The Hoffman Group is proud to be a locally owned independent real estate sales and marketing company. For many years, we have been the Myrtle Beach area’s leading marketer of OCEANFRONT resort condominiums. We have led the market in sales for over twenty years and are credited with changing the face of the Grand Strand. With Billions of dollars in sales, and a force of some thirty oceanfront condominium sales specialists, The Hoffman Group will assist you in understanding the market and in identifying the best purchase opportunities available.
The Myrtle Beach market has been explosive and is in the process of significant growth and change. Today it is critical that purchasers identify with the proven development teams that will deliver quality properties in an experienced and integrated manner. These are the properties that The Hoffman Group offers. It is our pleasure to represent these fine developments.
History / Philosophy
Myrtle Beach’s Oceanfront Dream Makers
Meet the dream makers… the visionaries… the oceanfront gurus. That’s right. The Hoffman Group is far more than the premier oceanfront condominium sales and marketing company in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. They are the markets’ visionaries, its dream makers.
Since inception in 1984, the company is credited with having created and led most every major trend in this dynamic “niche” segment of the market. Its sales force, following the founder’s astounding vision with clarity, focus and zeal, has sold thousands of oceanfront condominiums within dozens and dozens of resorts. The process has changed the physical landscape as well as the economic landscape and driven resort condominium prices to unprecedented heights.
1984 saw the beginning of the worst real estate market the area had ever witnessed. Like many other resort areas throughout the country, Myrtle Beach was devastated by a number of negative factors including soaring interest rates and proposed tax reform. While other companies froze in inaction, and ultimately ignored the oceanfront segment of the market for years, David Hoffman assembled his initial small team of warriors (many of whom are with the company today), developed an aggressive vision and market strategy, and succeeded in selling high volumes of property for an array of struggling banks and developers.
Hoffman’s group quickly became regarded as “THE” oceanfront condominium solution, selling through hundreds of sales in a myriad of “failed” resorts. In 1991, after years of turning around a languishing resale market, Hoffman introduced the first in a succession of new construction, presale development projects. Again the company met with resounding success and Myrtle Beach was once again on the rise.